Spring Glow Box 2021



Product Description

The Spring Box will be filled with items to inspire you with quality products you will cherish. A couple of items you will find are….

#1 Our Spring book selection is Can’t Make This Stuff Up!: Finding the Upside to Life’s Downs by Susannah Lewis. I don’t know about you but I am due for some light-hearted humour to lift my spirits and refresh me this season. She uses dry wit and an eye for the absurd to find laughter in even the most challenging circumstances.

#2 The Breathe List Journal acts as a structured canvas for your personal development and growth rather than a list of instructions detailing how you should organize your life. This stylish journal is a combination of inspiring quotes, whimsical line drawings, and introspective writing prompts designed to nurture your creativity and self-expression.

Also included, many other inspirational and beautiful items that will be sure to surprise and delight you! We can’t give away all of the surprises.

Each seasonal Glow box comes with 5 – 7 items that retail for over $100, filled with items to inspire your faith.

Shipping mid-March. Order now to be sure to get yours.



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