Firm Foundation – Selah CD



Product Description

Todd Smith posted on Selah’s social pages asking fans near and far for their opinion on an album title for Selah’s new record. There were almost 1,000 comments and the majority picked, “Firm Foundation.” While this title excited fans, it resonated even more deeply with Todd Smith himself.

“Looking at recent horrific events (i.e. shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas) and what is happening in our society, people are lacking a compass. Even though they believe in “Live Your Own Truth,” they are desperately searching to find truth that brings peace. We live in a day where everyone does what’s right in their own eyes. A world that is more connected than ever before, but lonelier and more dissatisfied than ever before. Division and comparison keep rising. My friend, Jon Acuff, recently said something to the effect of, ‘it used to be a mom could only compare herself to mom’s in her neighborhood and social circles. Now a mom in Nashville can suddenly compare herself with a mom in Portland.'” To put it simply, we need a firm foundation – Jesus!

Smith continues, “Music artists are no longer solely about making music – they’re about creating tribes and communities that allow people with common values/likes/loves to connect. I’m not entirely sure how Selah can create community with its fans and followers, but I know it starts by connecting them to Jesus based on the truth in the lyrics we sing,” says Smith. “It’s about connecting them with us. By being as transparent and honest as we are comfortable doing. By caring when they comment or writing back when they message. By speaking life into them. By encouraging them to pray for each other. By helping them create community with each other. All of this fits under the theme of Firm Foundation.”