Our Story… Your Story

Stories connect us. The Gospel Lighthouse Christian Bookstore has it’s own story, which intertwines with the stories of our customers.

The Gospel Lighthouse is a group of 10 Christian bookstores each standing alone in its own community. We all share the same vision, work ethic, priorities and purpose. We consider it an honor and a blessing to be able to operate a retail Christian Bookstore in each of our communities.

Our vision and purpose is to get the “Good News of the Gospel” into the hands of everyone we can. We offer Bibles, books, gifts, music, and more to provide our customers with products that will “touch” the hearts of others, and make a difference in their lives.

In 1988 we opened our first “Lighthouse” Christian bookstore in Simcoe, and we look forward to many more years of service. Our foundation and support is the Word of God, the Lighthouse is of no value if it is not solidly positioned on the Rock…

Below, our customers share how the story of the Gospel Lighthouse has impacted their own story…

Customer Stories

   I live in Guelph and wanted to buy a boxed set of Christmas cards with religious themes but none of the usual shops I visited stocked this item. Feeling rather deflated, I then remembered that there was a Gospel Lighthouse store in Guelph. Surely they would have what I wanted? As I entered the store, Elsie, the helpful assistant greeted me and mentioned that the store was selling boxed sets of religious Christmas cards, and if I bought two boxes,the second would be sold at half-price. Needless to say, I bought two boxes and left the store completely satisfied, giving silent thanks for the friendly assistant and also the unexpected savings! – Roger, Guelph

 Coming from the GTA to reside in Guelph, I had no idea that there were still Christian bookstores around. Imagine my delight when I discovered that there was 2 stores so close to me! Your content is good, I was able to get all the books I needed for our ladies bible study, as well as good scriptural devotionals and bible cases for my Sunday School class. Keep up the good work – when giving a gift, it’s important to know that inside the cover is appropriate information. Elizabeth, Cambridge & Guelph

 I went into the store to purchase a ring with the inscription, “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” There were no rings in my size. So the clerk had them brought in from other stores. I tried them all on and they were all too big. I tried on the “trust” ring to see if a different ring fit. It did. The sales clerk asked, “Does this mean you will not be purchasing a ring?” I answered, “This is the ring that He wants me to have!” God spoke to me in that store. I return whenever I can get there and I have always been happy with the staff and the products available. Lynda, Hamilton

I went in looking for a book and a couple of CDs. They weren’t available and though I needed these items as soon as possible, I think it so important to support the local Christian bookstore. Debbie was so helpful in helping me place the order, as well as the other friendly sales associate who assisted me when I picked up the order. Forgot your name sorry! The order was estimated to arrive in 2 weeks but I was pleasantly surprised that it came a week early! Will definitely continue to make purchases ;)Donna, Hamilton

Loved my experience at this treasure of a store! I was like a kid in a candy store! Marian was a delight! So sweet & friendly. She helped me find what I was looking for immediately, and took the time to chat and answer my questions. I really enjoyed my time and all the treasures I got….of course there was so much more I would have loved to get!
Thank you so very much for your ministry!!! Truly a lighthouse!

 I would like to share my experiences at the Stratford store! The staff there are amazing……..second to none! I always have a wonderful experience when I go in…….they are most friendly and helpful and knowledgeable….will do everything to help me find for what I am looking. I find it to be a very personal experience……as if they know me very well! And when I phone in to ask for an item, they are the same, that is, very helpful and friendly!
And most of all, they spread the love of Jesus, I can ‘feel Him in the air’!

  Every time I go into the Gospel Lighthouse, I walk out with the purchase I am supposed to make. The staff are wonderful, and it doesn’t matter which one you speak with, they are as equally helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you Gospel Lighthouse with my journey with Jesus Christ.  Stephanie, Guelph

 Hi, I only get to visit this store once in a while, but when I do; I just love it!
There is so much variety and great sales sections that I not only find what I want, but better prices than other stores I have visited! Blessings to those at the Dunnville Gospel Lighthouse Christian Bookstore. Evelyn, Dunnville

Always when I go into the store the staff is very friendly and greets me by name. Their customer service is second to none. The ladies will often tell me when something new comes in if they think that I might be interested. I truly enjoy shopping at the store. Pastor, Brantford

I first moved to the Region of Waterloo in 2010. One of the first things I did was search for a christian bookstore. Low and behold, I found Gospel Lighthouse in Waterloo. The store reminds me of a store from my hometown in Chatham called Gospel Text. I love coming into the Waterloo store and being called by name. The service is excellent. Joe, Waterloo

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Thanks for sourcing the book that was out of stock on Amazon. It’s great to have such a resource in our community! – Bruce, Waterloo

I first visited the Gospel Lighthouse (Carpenter Shop then) when I was a new Christian and knew only a little about the One I had invited into my life. To my delight, back in 1999, I found at the Carpenter Shop just what I needed at that time – a set of audio tapes of the reading of the New Testament. I used these daily; no matter what I was doing, or where I was going, I had my tape player strapped on listening, learning and getting to know Jesus. Since then the Gospel Lighthouse has been my major source for books, Bibles, commentaries, and the writings of various authors who were recommended, or I discovered myself. The sales personnel have always been encouraging and helpful on my journey. It was a steep learning curve, but I can see my progress, and I know where to go when I am ready to move upward again. I recommend the staff highly for their steady help in getting me to where I am now. Thank you all!  – Waterloo Customer

I love to shop at The Gospel Lighthouse because of the opportunity to support local Christian business. It’s always a treat to come in because the sales staff are friendly and the prices are reasonable. – St.Catharines customer

Gospel Lighthouse has a great selection of CDs. I can always find something I like, such as Fireflight, TobyMac, and Trip Lee. – JesusFreak, St.Catharines

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to one of your staff at the Fennel Ave, Hamilton store. Your staff was instrumental in helping me select, obtain and purchase an excellent and appropriate confirmation gift.
Her assistance and customer service was excellent and she went over and above to assist me. She extended herself, her time, her patience, support, problem solving and knowledge in my gift selection process. She called other stores to find the items I requested and consistently maintained communication, even when she wasn’t in the store during the time that I stopped in. She left information for other staff to assist me in her absence.

This is by far one of the most outstanding experiences I have as it relates to customer service. You have an excellent staff member on your team and that should be recognized, rewarded and promoted.Customer, Hamilton

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